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A comprehensive Level 1 COVID-19 protocol plan was drafted before commencement of the 2021 event. These protocols applied to both staff and guests and were thoroughly adhered to during the event. 


Each person taking part in the event, whether as one of our guests, staff or service providers, underwent a SAHPRA approved Rapid Antigen Test on arrival. The test is non-invasive and has an accuracy range of 99.3% and served as a perfect opportunity to ensure a safe and relaxed environment for everyone throughout the weekend.


Upon arrival at Pearl Valley, guests were escorted to the testing site located at the driving range. The test was administered by qualified medical staff. It took approximately 15 minutes to get a result, during which time guests were be able to participate in arranged activations on the driving range. Upon a negative test result, guests were issued with a micro-chipped wrist band which served as their Covid clearance, security access and accreditation for the event and had to be worn at all times.


Test results were valid for 72 hours and were uploaded to the NHLS and reported to the NICD. 

The weekend Covid "bubble" alleviated a lot of concerns and created the perfect worry-free environment for a magnificent event.

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